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Niqui | Boudoir Bump

How was your Boudoir Bump experience with us?

I was a bit worried, not knowing what really to expect, but when I saw them and greeted me with a big smile on their face, that action immediately calmed me down and it felt like I was just hanging out with long time friends. Take note that was our first meet up. Sobrang gaan ng feeling with them. They were so encouraging, professional, and fun to work with. They had a lot of great ideas. And the results? OMG TALAGA! I loved my photos! Stunning-they’re beautiful. I loved every minute of the shoot! And they made me feel sexy, strong and beautiful. I really had such an amazing time at my shoot! Thanks Boudoir Dolls! Definitely will come back!”

Hair and Makeup | Madge Lejano

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0BoudoirbumpNiqui17pinimageAny message to encourage pregnant moms out there to try us out?

I highly recommend them!! Why? Because Boudoir Dolls creates comfortable and fun experiences for their clients. They give wonderful opportunity for us pregnant woman to feel enliven, powerful, and beautiful. They will remind you thru their shots that even though you went thru a lot of changes (9months to be exact) your body is still your own and that you should embrace it. They will boost your confidence and sexiness and even love your body. Masasabi mo na lang na ” kahit pregnant ka, kahit nag iba shape ng body mo pwede kang maging sexy”!
When I saw some of the pictures it went above and beyond my expectations. They made me feel absolutely amazing! One more reason to try them out is that THEY WILL BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU.

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