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A boudoir is a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to pout.” In the old days when a lady would sulk, she would go to her boudoir to do so. Nowadays though, boudoir, in terms of photography, is taking on a new and delicious twist. Instead of coming to our boudoir session to sulk, you’ll be coming to celebrate.


The Boudoir Dolls is the premiere and first all women group of photographers in the Philippines and Asia catering specifically to women. Backed up by extensive photography experience in fashion, weddings & portraits, we bring a little bit of ourselves into each shoot.

“We know the joy, the trials & the triumphs of being a woman. Each shoot is your story mixed with a little bit of ours. The photographs that we take are sexy yet classy.”

We Arlene, Shayla and Madoka, specialize in portrait, editorial, fashion and boudoir photography. Capturing the human form in it’s most beautiful and revealing moments takes our passion to even greater heights. But more than that, we always aim to make the women we shoot realize just how beautiful they truly are.

We have taken a journey with each and every one of you to heart. We listened to your stories, shared in your joy as well as your pain, and we have celebrated with you too. It is through our passion that is photography, that we have been blessed beyond words to have the unique ability to keep some of your moments frozen in time, to be proud of, to be cherished, and to be shared.

“…and one of awakening. From our hearts to yours, may you never fail to see that you are beautiful — just as HE does. For you are now and forevermore — fearfully ad wonderfully made.”

And that is the WHY behind this advocacy of The Boudoir Dolls. Its not just all about sexy photographs. This is our heart, intertwined with God’s and yours. If you believe you want to take that journey with us, as with the hundreds who already have, drop us a note and lets take that first step.