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Ultimate Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers often make for the ultimate girl-bonding parties and why not? It’s a time when a bride celebrates a special time of her life with those who are closest to her heart. And with bridal parties happening all year round, we’ve decided to scour the internet to give our readers the ultimate guide to throwing the best bridal shower.

1. Pick a Theme

This will help make the rest of the planning a piece of cake. You can look into using the bride’s favorite colors or perhaps a unique wedding piece that was passed down to her, use these as inspirations to throw her that rockin’ bridal shower. Does the bride love going to the beach? Throw her a beach-themed party, prep up the garden with picnic benches, decorate the tables with fresh flowers or potted mint plants and even prepare an area for a barbecue luau! Feel like getting a little more comfortable and carefree? What about a lingerie party complete with candles and pillows and sweet chocolates too! You can even prepare lipgloss or lotions as party favors for the bride’s guests. Make the theme your guide, from the look of the party to the games that you decide to go with and even what party favors you will be handing out at the end of the night.


play with your setup to complete the look of your party theme

2. Prepare Wonderful Souvenirs for Guests to take Home

You’ve obviously made a lot of effort to put this bridal shower together, so what better way to cap off the night than to take home some goodies from the interactive Beauty Bar you’ve worked so painstakingly hard for.  You and the invited guests can pack their own beauty-bag-to-go with anything from nail polish, to shower gels, hand lotions or anything that can add some ‘tude to your already rockin makeup kits. Make sure you’ve also prepared one for the lovely bride and add a little more stardust of love into hers, maybe a small bottle of her favorite perfume? She’ll certainly thank you on her big day when she tucks this little gift in her bridal purse.


Check out for more party favors in the Philippines

3. Plan a (get this, none cheesy) Activity 

So you know that the bride loves loves loves the beach, why not center the whole shower on activities related to the it? There are airfare seat sales all year round and there are soooooo many beautiful islands in the Philippines that you could choose from, inform the bride’s friends once the seat sales are out so you can spend the weekend out of town and there you can pre-arrange group surfing lessons or plan a parasailing activity around sunset and finish with a party on the sand. We had a bride who just recently discovered her love for archery, if your bride is the same, plan to have your party at an indoor archery range like Kodanda Archery Range in Makati and ask the Bride’s friends to bring archery gear as gifts.

Want the party to be a bit more intimate? Why not have  boudoir bridal shower with a few of the Bride’s closest friends? Book a hotel room, a make up artist and a boudoir photographer and ask your friends to bring their own sexy lingerie and of course, buy a beautiful pair for the Bride to don later on as well. Prep up the room with candles and soft music and take out the bottles of wine too! You’d be surprised with how many boudoir bridal showers we’ve had where the bride and her friends are usually too conservative and shy at the beginning and who, later on, after seeing how well they all did at the end of the shoot, end up walking around the room in hardly anything and who leave with a sense of pride at being able to do something so unique and special with her friends.


a boudoir bridal shower makes for the ultimate girl-bonding session

No matter what you end up doing for her Bridal Shower, the fact that you put a lot of love and effort into it will surely make the event one of the most memorable occasions in the bride’s life.

So there you have it, our list on how to throw The. Best. Bridal. Shower. Ever! Now, get out there and make that ultimate bridal shower happen! :)

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