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Normalize Breastfeeding | A Breastfeeding Boudoir

The sad & beautiful truth about the breastfeeding journey is that it will eventually end.

You yearn for these moments to last forever, but babies & kids … they just grow up.

We know the feeling of enjoying this moment now, but missing it at the same time.

So we at The Boudoir Dolls have decided to bring back this year a boudoir breastfeeding marathon shoot to enable mothers like you to document these precious & fleeting moments the edgier way.

A breastfeeding shoot by The Boudoir Dolls is something you plan & prepare for. As with our first one, we scout the edgy & exotic places for mothers to have a one of a kind experience.

We captured these gorgeous mommas who each had a special story to share about their breastfeeding journey. It was also in a way, a self love shoot for them to remember how fearfully and wonderfully made they are.

For what its worth, we hope these could be their most memorable photographs with their children.





““Even before I gave birth, I was really decided to breastfeed Zach because I learned that it could give him a stronger immune system. 

I was so worried about asthma attacks since my older son used to get attacks every now and then..

Our breastfeeding journey is not that easy, at first I couldn’t produce milk but I still decided to continue feeding him until I established my milk. 

After a month of feeding him, I got engorged breasts and I was hospitalised for a week.  But that didn’t stop me. I requested my pedia and ob if I could bring him to the hospital to continue feeding him. 

After that, everything went well and now we are on our 35th month of exclusive breasrfeeding!

Breastfeeding is never easy but always trust yourself that you can give the best for your child. 
Keep the faith, and leave everything up to God.”




“Before Dani came into my life, my family and close friends used to tease me about being flat chested.

It eventually got bigger so it was funny that my mind set when Dani was born was this: “I’m gonna breastfeed this child for as long as she wants.”


“I feared  that I might not deliver enough.”

My sister who’s also a new mom, encouraged me to keep on praying and continue breastfeeding. 

And so I did.

My family helped a lot. Mama would take care of Dani in the morning so I could rest and feed her in between. Papa on the other hand, would cook healthy meals for me like halaan or tinola to increase milk supply. The rest of the fam would be there when I’d ask for my milk catcher, nursing cover, etc. whenever they’re out of reach. .

We were like a small factory where everybody had their own duty of maintaining a precious machine of milk. If one of then was out, I wasn’t able to deliver enough. 

Slowly after my first week, what used to be flat, started to grow! 

The teamwork within our family pushed breastfeeding for Dani. I had produced more than what was needed for my child. I am now also supplying milk for Anina my niece. I did not let the chance slip by when The Boudoir Dolls announced this marathon shoot – I told myself I need to have proof.  A proof that for once in my life, my chest wasn’t flat and these “miracle breasts” served their purpose. 

Not only was I able to nurse my own child but I was also able to provide for another.”


Breastfeeding has been liberating for us; that is we could be anywhere, and Anina could feed anytime. We could be in a plane, at the beach, in the car, at a party, at work—God continues to provide for and sustain our child through my body, and by His grace He held our hands through the joys and pains of this journey.

It has not been easy. There were nights when I cried because of physical pain or of worry from low supply. But the toughest nights (and early mornings!) were when I had a lot to give but my child wouldn’t have it. It was so heartbreaking going through those nursing strikes that my husband would end up consoling not a crying baby, but a crying mom in the middle of the night.



“Here I am, at 44, breastfeeding my fourth child. 

Counting all the kids and years I’ve nursed them, that would be 11 years. Eleven wonderful years of just holding them close, knowing that they need me. 

Breastfeeding each kid has always been bittersweet. There are days when you enjoy keeping them close, there are days when you wish they didn’t want you (or your breasts) too much. 


“So now I just want to cherish every moment and bathe in my baby’s embrace.”


“My breastfeeding journey with Sky is my longest and the most memorable one. 

I’m a mom to three wonderful children and I’ve breastfed them all. However, my first two had to be weaned as early as six months as i was still in medical school with my eldest and then in residency training with my second.

Then Sky came 13 years after and it was like starting all over again! And having him at the age of 40, I was anxious about not being able to sustain it like when i was a bit younger. 

However, along our breastfeeding journey, i enjoyed the convenience it brought and the satisfaction it gave to Sky especially when he is fussy or not feeling well. 

This journey goes on for 22 months now and counting. This is our own special bond that i would forever cherish. 

“Breastfeeding empowers me to show to others the natural beauty of a woman’s body and its ability to nourish a child. 
It also empowers me to love my body even more and embrace my imperfections.”


“As a mom and an OB-GYN, breastfeeding empowers me to show how breastfeeding supports the reproductive health of a woman and how it optimizes the health benefits it gives to babies.”


“We breastfeed all day. We breastfeed all night. 

Through sickness and health. Teething and growth spurts. Sleep regressions and tantrums, and all the sunny days in between. 

He can’t quit me and I can’t quit him, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Most days I feel like a prisoner. A prisoner to my baby and my own body. Bound to a sporadic schedule I can’t control. Forever planning outfits around “easy access.” 

Time for myself always has a cap and although he has two parents, only one can soothe him most of the time. I’m still sharing my body, almost 15 months later.. but he needs me, and I need him.”



My breastfeeding journey started when my eldest was born 11 years ago. From then on my life has changed forever.

God blessed our family with two beautiful girls and later on, a son. I celebrate these blessings by sharing my breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding advocacy is one that I passionately share to spread awareness, not to put pressure on mothers to breastfeed but to educate on why breastfeeding is important.

New mothers need the support and knowledge to make the best and informed decision for them. In my own little way, I share my experiences to help empower moms that their bodies are designed by God to nourish and that they are capable to produce LIFE-GIVING milk. 


I have dreamed of having a boudoir shoot and what better way to have one than to have it at this time of my life where I am breastfeeding my third child, my only son.

“I share the same vision of The Boudoir Dolls in celebrating womanhood; to be comfortable with my own skin, to accept this body, scarred and all, after giving birth to three human beings and to always appreciate this God-given beauty that we all have as a woman. “


We are natural nurturers and beyond. I want to empower & protect breastfeeding mothers and to normalize breastfeeding through this amazing boudoir breastfeeding shoot because it is biologically normal to nurse your baby at any age, anytime and anywhere.

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